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Garment Care

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To keep your suit looking its best, we recommend hand washing your suit by itself with cold water and a gentle soap. Do not soak, just a quick wash will do!


Our suits offer UPF 50+ protection, and they can stand up to sand, sweat, and chlorine. Live wear tests have shown that even after 100+ hours of use in chlorinated water, the fabric retains its shape and compression power. We urge you to wear sunscreen, but be aware that some brands of sunscreen are known to stain swimsuits. We do suggest avoiding sunscreen with Avobenzone as this has been known to stain.

Hang dry to keep your suit in tip top shape. This extends the lifetime of your suit by avoiding fiber degradation.

Don’t pack wet suits with other garments.

Try not to keep your suit balled up for extended periods of time—especially if it's still wet. 

Certain lotions and sprays may stain suits, so try not to apply them directly to the fabrics. We suggest avoiding sunscreens with Avobenzone as this has been known to stain.

We recommend following care directions on the garment tags, as each garment requires unique care.


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Use code SKIMM10 for $10 toward purchase